Michael Nielsen

Director System Safety Assurance

Michael is a very ambitious engineer with broad knowledge in systems and safety engineering and to transfer that knowledge to others. He has good organisational skills and listens to clients’ needs and requirements before tailoring the approach to suit. This achieves better results rather than just following standards.

His extensive experience in system safety is from a varied career for various rail projects including complex rail systems and has been selected as an independent tunnel expert in the European Railway Agency for Tunnel Safety.

He has also developed and updated Safety Management Systems for rail and tunnel operations keeping in mind the human factors, user and the Rail Infrastructure Manager’s Accreditation requirements.

He is a pioneer of several working groups, within Railway Safety where he has started a dialog group for those, who in their daily work perform risk assessments and safety assurance in major projects. Michael has also been a member of the committee for maintaining standards such as EN50129.

Michael has recently been focused on complying to EN50126, 128 and 129 and the Australian legislation. He has developed the overall Safety Management Plans for the projects (System Safety Management Plan, V&V Management Plan, held Preliminary Hazard Analysis, System Hazard Analysis and Interface Hazard Analysis workshops and has completed the Safety Integrity Level Allocation according to the chosen methodology. Further he has engaged with the Independent Safety Assessor ensuring their findings are managed and follow the project schedule.

He has expertise in ISA roles for infrastructure projects in Australia and understands the requirements of the management of documents such as the Hazard Log. He was responsible for writing the assessment report and to follow up with the relevant contractors in order to close out findings.